An effective translation is one where the reader does not realize the text has been translated as comprehension is perfect.

The best way to guarantee a reliable and quality translation is for it to be done by a native-speaking translator.





Overseas Translations pays special attention to the quality delivered to our clients as that has always been our number one priority. In order to be able to provide the utmost quality, it is not enough to focus on just a few details but rather a system has to be created that implicates people and gets the most out of the software available.

For us, increasing the human potential is of utmost importance and we concentrate our work on the constant development and improvement of our team. Adequate training on the tools used and linguistic or non-linguistic checks of the documents along with experience obtained managing hundreds of completed projects are factors that make us successful. 

 In order to be able to ensure the utmost quality of your translations, success depends on many factors including a few very important ones we mention below:

  • Exhaustive analysis and document preparation – there are many details to bear in mind before doing a translation and it is important to know how to evaluate the document content as well as establish the ideal process for each translation project;
  • Selecting a specialized native-speaking translator and/or proofreader
  • Internal checks and quality control by the Project Manager
  • Creating internal reference material for each client: translation memories, glossaries, style guides, etc.


All of our projects include a minimum of two linguistic phases. In the first, a native-speaking translator translates the text; and in the second phase, another translator proofreads the text to ensure it has been translated correctly. Later, the Project Manager will conduct a non-linguistic format check to verify that no content is missing, that the translation is consistent and that the same format as the original was maintained.

 However, there are several tools we can use in our day to day to simplify the human work and improve the quality of our translations. One of them is the software we use for the translation process, which allows us to:

  • the creation of a Translation Memory (TM) for each client, which is applied to each project and helps use the same terminology and consistency as previously translated content;
  • the use of a glossary that is created for each client, which can be easily checked by highlighting the terms;
  • transcheck, which verifies numbers and punctuation as well as the translation consistency between the original document and the translated document, among other functions. This option is available within the same document or among several documents in a single project.

Your projects will always be managed by the same person from the beginning to the end so you’ll receive personalized treatment at all times and can find out the status of your translations first-hand.


Overseas Translations guarantees complete confidentiality of the files sent and will sign a confidentiality agreement, if necessary. Likewise, all of our translators sign a confidentiality agreement undertaking to only and exclusively use the documents in order to translate them.


We adapt to the client’s needs, study each project separately and are flexible in adapting to the deadlines and specific requirements for each translation.

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