Quality Policy

The activities OVERSEAS, S.L.U. believes are compliant with the quality required pursuant to the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 are:


Translation, interpreting and text proofreading services in all languages.


The Policy statement indicates the following as guidelines:


  1. A commitment to complying with the explicit and implicit demands, requirements and expectationsof our clients as well as any legal and/or regulatory requirements.
    1. Compliance with the client’s deadlines which is achieved with precise planning by Overseas and a large network of approved professionals.
    2. Contracting professional translators with extensive experience in the type of text to be handled.
    3. The use of adequate translation tools with which translation memories may be created and other elements may be checked such as terminology consistency, correct numbering, etc.
    4. The implementation of pre-production, production and post-production processes under controlled conditions.
    5. Guarantees that the working conditions are ideal through the assessment of risks that may arise during the various processes to eliminate them to the extent possible and reduce those assessed.
    6. The development of continuing educationprograms relating to the service that improve worker qualifications, thus getting all personnel involved in the achievement of all of the objectives established in this document.
      1. Consolidation of the ongoing improvement process in the performance of all activities carried out at the company.
      2. The provision of solutions to any translation problem.
      3. Personnel encouragement by Overseas towards total service quality.


Management has made this policy accessible and available to its clients, all employees, suppliers and the public in general.


The Policy is kept up-to-date with periodic changes, coinciding with any changes made by management to the system so all modifications in the environmental conditions and information received are taken into account. To this end, management provides and will provide all of the human, technical and economic resources necessary to attain the objectives and goals established periodically, as planned.


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