Overseas Translations is a leading translation firm that is deeply rooted in the market thanks to the passion with which we do what we know best - translating.

We feel as though we are an important part of our clients’ projects and that’s why our entire team of translators and Project Managers implicate themselves as much as possible to deliver the results our clients deserve. It is our way of thanking clients for trusting Overseas Translations.

We work to constantly improve and establish friendly and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our main goal is to meet our clients’ expectations irrespective of whether they are multi-national companies, SMEs or even private individuals who trust their translation projects to us.

COMMITMENTEFFORT and PROFESSIONALISM are our keys to work done well.

Commitment: Overseas is committed to all of its clients, ensuring the delivery terms agreed are met without forgetting our exhaustive quality controls. We have a wonderful relationship with our translators; all of us row in the same direction.

Effort: Difficulty, urgency and possible setbacks are no excuse for Overseas. We’re well aware that translation is often the final step required by our clients in order to deliver documents of high value to their customers, public organizations or any other recipient immediately. That is why our translators implicate themselves and are willing to work on holidays, weekends or at night. Our clients know they can trust in us.

Professionalism: At Overseas Translations, nothing is left to luck. We follow our clients’ instructions and their projects are assigned to professionals who specialize in the field of the documentation to be translated. We have professionals who specialize in technical, financial, legal, marketing or any other sector-related documents. 

Our team

Overseas Translations shares its idea of constant improvement and success with its team and that is why it is so important for us that all those who collaborate with our firm have the same goal. At Overseas Translations, we demand a lot from ourselves and set the bar very high for our translators as well. Because of this, we can be proud of the immense quality of our translations and other linguistic services we provide.


Thanks to our careful translator selection process, we always make sure their knowledge and skills correspond to the topic and needs of each project. We have a worldwide network of translators, all of whom are native speakers of the target language and specialize in various areas so we can guarantee the quality of the final result. Moreover, whenever possible, the same translators handle each particular client’s translation projects.

Project Managers:

Professionalism is the main feature of our company. That’s why our team is made up of experts with many years of experience in the sector.

  • The same Project Manager handles all of a particular client’s projects. That is why we can offer personalized treatment and adapt our work to the client’s needs.
  • We train our team to be able to complete the quality control process for any translation and ensure the highest of quality.

We offer sworn translationtechnical translationwebsite translation, advertising translation, and sworn translation services as well as any other type of professional translation.

 We also rely on collaboration with Sworn Translators recognized by MAEC (Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) to handle sworn translations.

Besides linguistic services, we offer DTP (Desktop Publishing) where we not only focus on reproduction of the original file format but have the translator review the final document to confirm no errors were made during the DTP process and that the language adapts to the document format needs.


We feel as though we are a part of our clients’ projects because they consider our services as a fundamental part of their international project and that’s why we’re the first ones to demand the utmost quality from ourselves.

  A satisfied client is an Overseas client.


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